Friday, August 15, 2008

Grown Men Crying

Sorry about the delay today...I've been having problems attaching videos to the blog for some reason. All is well now.

I'm still in shock over the end of the Mike and the Mad Dog show. If you live in NY and have a remote interest in sports this is big news. Below is video of today's show of Mad Dog calling in to say goodbye and he starts crying about 40 seconds in. Mike then gets teary eyed and tells a lame story which shows you what the show is going to be like going forward with Chris Russo (the Mad Dog).

His crying reminds me of one of the most unforgettable "grown men crying" moments in all of sports...Mike Schmidt's retirement press conference. I love how his voice breaks when he says "dream come true" at 24 seconds in. Even better, I love his pose at the end when he dries his eyes, leans towards his locker, and crosses his legs. Classic.

Have a great weekend...I might post here and there over the weekend as I'm hooked on the Olympics.


Anonymous said...

Some other classic cryers:
Terrell Owens: "That's my teammate, That's my quarterback"
Dick Vermeil, Mark Messier and Brett Favre after pretty much every game they coached/played in.

Hungieman said...

Agreed. It just goess to show you then when you're crying, its best not to try and talk through it. Take a deep breath and try to compose yourself. Messier finally learned that when they retired his number.