Monday, August 11, 2008

Classic Commercials - Summers Eve / Massengill

While watching a lot of TV growing up, I saw tons and tons of commericals...there was no DVR or fast forwarded in my youth. There were two particular commercials that I recall having no idea what they were talking about. One was simply a song showing a woman all happy, walking on the beach and looking totally relaxed. The other was a conversation between a mother and a daughter about something my 8 year old ears had never heard before...I know you've all heard it:

"Mom, do you douche?"

Ironically enough the term "douche bag" became quite popular as an insult starting around junior high although I bet no one could fully explain what the contents of a douche bag actually were or what a douche bag actually looked like. I sort of still don't know today nor do I want to.

In any event, I give you two classic commercials. The first one is Summer's Eve. I love the jingle for this one and the little pose the actress does at the end where she rests her head on her knees. The second is the immortal one for Massengill. God help all of you future mothers when you have this coversation. At least you'd be wearing matching turtle neck sweaters and be on a beach somewhere. Must be Nantucket in the full.

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