Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rules of the Road

An unofficial official post for this week...

I'm halfway through my vacation and its going by too fast. Its actually going by so fast that I need to go to work for a few hours tomorrow. In any event, I just drove about 1200 miles over 20 hours in the past 4 days and came up with the following observations.

1.) If you are from the northeast area and you do not have an EZ Pass, you are a moron.

2.) The same top 40 hits are played at least once every two hours. I think I heard that "I Kissed A Girl and I Liked It" song about 15 times over the weekend. And you wonder why today's music gets burned out so quickly...they beat you over the head with it.

3.) A little tip in case you haven't figured it out is when you're filling your gas tank: if the pump doesn't have the latch that allows the gas pump to pump gas while you wait, try the following. Take your gas cap and wedge it between the gas pump handle so it keeps the gas pumping. It was pouring out Saturday and the gas station didn't have a cover to keep you dry and this tip came in very handy. Be careful you don't drive away with the pump still in your tank though. I actually did that once, and nearly caused a fuel spill.

4.) The most depressing sign ever is a sign about 60 miles outside of Syracuse that says "New York City - 350 miles"...that was mentally grueling knowing you were at least 6 hours away of 60mph driving to get to New York.

5.) I've never tried this but a friend of mine told me that if you ever get pulled over by a cop, you should raise your arms up (like when a cop yells "freeze") as he approaches your car window. Supposedly its the universal sign of respect to a police officer. I've never heard of this nor tried so if anyone wants to try it out the next time they get pulled over, let me know how it goes. I wouldn't be surprised if the officer arrests you or asks you why you are acting like that but who knows.

6.) On a side note, I was out on my cousin's boat last weekend and thought that a great name for a boat would be "Drunk Driving". If anyone puts that on your boat, please take a picture of it and I will post here.

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Love your blog, try to update it more.