Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Top 10 Candies - Part 1

Good old a kid, it was the ultimate treat. To some, the ice cream man meant cold refreshing Bomb Pops and Snow Cones. To me, it meant delicious sweet candy. Here were my top favorites:

10.) Snickers - Snickers is the grand dame of all candy bars. Even as other candy bars came in and out my life, there's nothing like biting into the chocolate coating to find the gooey caramel, peanuts, and of course...nougat. Tastes even better frozen. I will still eat these from time to time if I'm on a golf course and the only thing else to eat is a bag of Lays chips.

9.) Skor Bar - A sort of sister to the Heath bar, a Skor bar was essentially a piece of semi-hard caramel wrapped in chocolate. My Mom turned me on to these as a kid and it was my go to candy towards 5th and 6th grade. I haven't had one in awhile but I loved how the glazed caramel just melted into your mouth...especially when I left in in a hot sweltering car for an hour.

8.) Whatchamcallit - I'm sure I'm spelling this wrong as its a long name to fit on a candy bar, but that's what made it so was an extra long candy bar. Not the longest candy bar (that's found further down the list), it still packed a tasty punch. It was more like a rice crispy treat dipped in chocolate. My wife enjoys these today. Sort of resembles a bowel movement.

7.) Runts - These hard candies fall into the jawbreaker category (which also included Dinosaur Eggs and ironically enough..Jawbreakers). Runts were still my favorite though as they looked like little fruit, tasted like the fruit they looked like, but had zero nutritional value that real fruit offers. My way of eating it would be to save the bananas for last since they were my favorite. You either loved the bananas or hated them. In fact, a little tradition of mine is to get a handful at the vending machine as I walk into Best Buy...that's right, every Best Buy I've been too has a runts machine. Go figure.

6.) Sour Patch Kids - The perfect movie candy. I love sour candy and nothing is better than these mouth puckering treats. Also found as sour worms or sour gummy bears. Like with most candy, the first few handfuls taste like heaven, then the next few are just good, and towards the end you feel sick to your stomach but can't stop eating them. I like to gather all the sour mix at the bottom of the bin at the movie theaters for extra sourness too.

Back tomorrow with 5-1.


Anonymous said...

Some honorable mentions that I hope are on tomorrow's list:

1) Three Musketeers
2) KitKat
3) Hersheys Chocolate Bar w/
4) Gummy Bears
5) Twizzlers
6) The chewing gum candy that was
packaged like a cigarette.
7) Charms Blow Pops
8) Lake Champlain Milk Chocolate
9) Reeses Pieces
10) M&Ms

Hungieman said...

Hmmm...there are a few I have on there that might surprise you...I'm not the most mainstream person when it comes to certain things though. Although I forgot about the candy gum cigarettes...those were awesome.