Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Random Thoughts

Just some random thoughts today:

1.) Saw the movie Tropic Thunder last night. Definitely the funniest movie I've seen in awhile even funnier than a solid Will Ferrell or Ben Stiller movie. Much better experience than Batman mainly because I could see the entire screen. Highly, HIGHLY recommended. What I don't recommend is if you're a guy on a date watching the movie, to not rest your head on your girlfriend's shoulder. The guy in front of me did it and it was pretty corny although it did allow me to see the screen better.

2.) I sadly haven't been able to catch up on the Olympics the past few days but it appears tonight is the last night of gymnastics which is a shame. I'm going to miss the announcers saying "she is ready to mount the beam"...easily the most filthy thing heard on TV the past few years. Enjoy it while it lasts.

3.) Saw a random episode of Saved By The Bell this morning in where Zack, Slater, and Lisa get drunk at a toga party (in high school) and get into a car accident. If you could see the amount of people at the party (about 20) versus the number of beers seen (literally 12 in all), they must not have had any tolerance. It was sort of meant to be a "special episode" but in the end Zach gets grounded, Slater blows his shoulder out, and Lisa loses her Homecoming Queen title and damages her Mom's car. I'm not sure where I'm going with this but this show took a different direction when they added Tori and took away Kelly and Jesse .

4.) I joined Facebook the other day and I have to say, its pretty neat. Facebook is like a polished escort compared to Myspace which is more like a seedy Atlantic City hooker (not that I've had either). Its very simple, easy to find people and a good way to stay in touch with people. Already, I'm friends with my old next door neighbor, a cousin of mine who I haven't seen in years, and a girl I went to Catholic school with over 20 years ago. Its free to register, fairly easy to navigate, and so far I haven't gotten any spam in my mailbox.

5.) For God's sake do not watch the movie Enchanted. Even if you have small children, do not watch it. Its a Disney movie that starts off animated and then the animated princess ends up in the real world where the movie then shows real people. Terrible humor, very corny, filled with overacting. I did like the songs but that's because it meant the actors weren't speaking. I dare you to give this movie more than 10 minutes on the cable networks when its airing (That's how I stumbled across it). This movie isn't just a load of crap, its a piece of corn found in the load of crap.

6.) Random video today...some of you have probably seen this but its a trailer to the movie Big, starring Tom Hanks, except its portrayed to be a horror movie instead. Enjoy...

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