Monday, August 25, 2008


I apologize for the late post today as I was swamped at work. Nothing specific today, just some random observations and thought from the past few days.

1.) Expect the site to update more at night rather than the day. I travel a lot around with my job so I won't be around much during the day as much. Just have some patience and I'll do my best. I will update it every weekday. Weekends are just bonus posts.

2.) Regarding the Little League World Series, the TV coverage seems to spend more time on the kids crying when they lose, than the cheering when they win. I sort of have a morbid fascination about them crying though. Think about it, these kids are 12 years old, probably are the best athletes at their individual junior high schools, have never faced any kind of adversity, and hence think they are the king sh*ts around their town. Now, not only are they taken down a peg, but it happens on the biggest stage and on live TV....yee hah!

3.) Watched a little bit of one of the Planet Of The Apes movies this weekend...I forget the name but its the third of the five that came out in the 70's. One of the more depressing movies ever as two of the apes from the first two movies travel back in time to Earth and treated like slaves and stereotyped. The best scene is when the female ape passes out when she sees a stuffed gorilla in a museum. Also features Ricardo "The Wrath Of Khan" Montalban a circus ringmaster who helps the apes out. The movie ends terribly when the two apes are gunned down but their baby lives survives (hence two more movies) . I think it was rated PG too!

4.) Rock Band is the greatest game ever invented. I can go on and on about it but I've showed it to probably 20 people over the past year and every single one of them sort of gives it a "c'mon are you kidding me?" look when I take it out. By the time we start playing though, you can't stop. The average Rock Band "jam" session I've played with people usually lasts 4 to 5 hours. A must purchase.

5.) Caught bits and pieces of the Olympic closing ceremonies last night. As a huge Led Zeppelin fan, it was great seeing Jimmy Page play Whole Lotta Love. On the flip side this terrible singer Leonna Lewis was singing it. Plus the sound was awful. Poor Jimmy.

6.) Quick NFL prediction. I see the Pats and Colts back in the AFC title game while Dallas takes on a resilient New Orleans in the NFC side.

7.) Bela Karolyi needs to stay on TV somehow. Here's video of him getting excited over turtles having sex...I'm not making this up. Take a look.

8.) Top 3 Daytime Court Room shows growing up.

----3.) The People Court - You don't mess with Judge Wapner
----2.) Divorce Court - From what I remember, it always showed couple screaming at each other. Being a little kid, I couldn't understand why Mommies and Daddies could hate each naive.
----1.) The Judge - If you don't remember this show, I'm going to a post on it the next couple of weeks. I had always thought this show was real.

9.) Must see TV tonight is the Democratic National Convention only to see a tribute to Ted Kennedy. I'm not a huge following politics but from a pop culture standpoint, Ted Kennedy is lampooned by everybody from Howard Stern to Family Guy to my old high school history teacher. With him sadly diagnosed with brain cancer, it will probably the last time you'll have a chance to see least alive.

10.) Let's end it with a classic 80's song..."Drive" by the Cars. I actually have a concert of them doing it live and the guitar player just stands there since the entire song is synthesizers and a drum machine. The guy who sings this song, Ben Orr, is one of my favorite singers and he sadly died a few years ago. Anyway, keep your eyes open for the super model Paulina Porizkova, who was on Dancing With The Stars last season. To me, she's always known as the hot chick from the Tom Selleck movie "Her Alibi"

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