Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The NBA on NBC intro

Now this is what Bob Costas was made for...setting the stage for a major sporting event. Combine this with one of the greatest intros of all time involving one of the biggest NYC events of all time (Game 7 between the Knicks and the Rockets) and you have this liquid goodness. Although this particular clip is over 9 minutes long...all you need to know is the first 2 and half me on this one.

I still get chills watching this...even the background music is great and I love the old clips. Bob Costas summing up perfectly with his "one game, one winner, one NBA champion" rap is awesome. I always loved when paused when he says "Game" and then the intro music kicks in. This would be great intro music to a wedding. They don't have intros like this anymore.

Random trivia: John Tesh wrote the intro music.

Now if I can only find the "Miller Genuine Draft Classic Moments" music. That always pumped me up...


Anonymous said...

Bob Costas is the man!

David said...

I kind of miss Matt Goukas