Friday, August 1, 2008

Tid Bits

No specific topic today. Just some rambling thoughts...

1.) Was watching a 1982 Van Halen concert the other day. It reminded me of how confused I was around 1985 when they would show Van Halen videos with David Lee Roth like "Jump" and "Hot For Teacher" along with David Lee Roth solo videos like "Yankee Rose", "Living In Paradise", and the "I Ain't Got Nobody" aka the "Booosey Booosey Bop, diddy bop" song which sounded EXACTLY like Van Halen songs. I was only seven at the time but it blew my mind to try and find out what was going on and how David Lee Roth could be in two different named bands where one was named after guys in the other band. It still sort of confuses me.

2.) Embarrassingly enough, around that age, I thought you had to be quiet while you were watching golf on TV because I believed the players could hear you through the TV. A lot of things make little sense to you when you're 5-8 years old.

3.) The Police play their last ever concert next week at MSG. I have to admit, as awesome as their reunion is and as nice as their reunion tour started off, it has completely become a cash in experience for them. They only play for 90 minutes, play only 13 songs before a 5 song encore, and the ticket prices are insane. I saw Pearl Jam, Genesis, and Rush play for 3 hours for half the cost.

4.) Although I'm not a huge Red Sox fan, it was interesting to see Manny Ramirez be traded to the Dodgers. The Red Sox definitely lost some of their nationwide appeal as he and David Ortiz were the face of that team.

5.) Caught 10 minutes of an episode of "Clarissa The Teenage Witch" this morning while getting ready for work. It featured a random cast of people. Besides Clarissa herself was the actress who played Punky Brewster, the guy who played both DJ Tanner's boyfriend in "Full House and Blossom's boyfriend in "Blossom", and washed up comedian Caroline Rhea. Its on Fox Family every morning from 8-9am on the ABC Family channel followed by Step By Step. I might have to start DVRing these shows.

6.) Top 3 TV Uncles:

a.) Uncle Joey from Full House (can't stand his Popeye impression though)

b.) Uncle Jesse from Dukes of Hazard (the actor's name was awesome too...Denver Pyle. I'd love to name my kid "Denver"...or even better a Long Island town like "Quogue").

c. Uncle Ned from Family Ties (played by Tom Hanks, he was my first exposure to alcoholism when he slapped Alex Keaton in the face and drank pure vanilla extract...this was a family show too).

That's all for now. I'm off on vacation next week heading up to the good old North Country of the 1000 Islands. They're a little behind the times up there as there is no internet access much less paved roads in some areas. I'll try and put together a post towards the middle of the week but we'll see what happens. Otherwise, we'll be back to our normal schedule the week of August 11th. Let me know if there are any topics you'd like me to discuss...I appreciate any feedback positive or negative.

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