Thursday, August 21, 2008

Top 10 Candy/Candy Bars of all time - Part 2

Alright, let's go right to the top 5. Again, this is my opinion as I'm sure all of you have fond memories of your own favorites. At least I'll give you the rationale behind my decisions. As for the person who threw their favorites out in the comment posted yesterday, I will address those in the near future, I promise. All good choices by the way.

5.) Charleston Chew - Definitely the longest candy bar (with a little less girth than the others mentioned), you could eat a Charleston Chew many different ways. My favorite way was frozen. Maybe not as popular today but I have fond memories of this candy bar. When I was 5 or 6, my Dad and I would go fishing and we'd each buy a Charleston Chew and put it on ice. When we caught our first fish, we'd eat them. It was a nice reward and I'll always have a soft spot for this nougaty treat. I'm tearing up as I write this.

4.) Reese's Peanut Butter Cup - The peanut butter within this treat was the crack of candy bars...was it really peanut butter? It was so good and another candy that almost tasted better frozen. Friendly's had the best move ever by making a sundae out of it (on the flip side, a sundae revolved around a Jim Dandy was a terrible one). Even better, around Easter time you can get the egg shaped peanut butter cups which has even more peanut butter in them. No wonder my cholesterol was over 300.

3.) Skittles - Skittles introduced me to the colors of the rainbow (minus the blue). Every now and then my Dad would bring me home a bag of skittles (my parents gave me a lot of candy looking back) and the first thing I'd do is sort them on the floor by color. Then I'd see what color was featured the most and the least...and I would keep track of this over the course of a couple of years. I think at the end I had eaten 1200 yellow Skittles but 975 purple ones. This was my precursor to keeping stats in fantasy baseball. Skittles was NOT a candy to eat frozen as I broke a tooth on one of them and that was not least I got a dollar out of it which allowed me to buy another bag.

2.) Fun Dip - If the peanut butter in a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup was considered crack, then the powder found in a Fun Dip is considered the purest cocaine you could find. You could eat this many different ways. Featuring the "Lic-A-Stick", you'd wet the stick with your saliva and then dip it into the powdery goodness and repeat the step until the powder was gone or your stick was dissolved. The most extreme way to eat it was to pound the sugar powder down in one shot and then eat the stick. For maximum hyperness, you could find a three pack of fun dip featuring two Lic-A-Sticks.

1.) Nerds - God bless these sweet little candies. A junior high joke you could use today "you are what you eat", these little guys were perfect for an on the go sugar rush. The only candy on this list that I still eat on a regular basis today. Coming in two flavors per box, you could mix and match or just eat one flavor at a time. CVS and most grocery stores sell the huge box where you can go crazy and eat 720 calories in one sitting. You have to try this once....put a box of nerds in the freezer overnight, then the next day put a handful in your mouth with a glass of cold milk. Enjoy the flavor as the color and flavor dissolves, leaving you with just a crystallized sugar cube when you're done....delicious.


Anonymous said...

Nerds? Cmon, you should have gone with the candy gum cigarette.

Anonymous said...

Can you do an article pertaining to the top 5 most influential athletes of the 90's? For my money I would include:

(5) Mark McGwire - The man arguably brought baseball back to prominence after the bitterness of the strike shortened season of 94.

(4) Shaq O'Neil - First true NBA power center. Made the subsequent NBA drafts must watch TV events.

(3) Manon Rheaume - First prominent femal athlete to make it into one of the major sports dominated by men.

(2) Stephy Graf - If absolute dominence had a name, her name would be Stephy Graf. Again arguably the most dominent athlete in her sport at the time.

(1) Steve Young - Only man to arguably hold two elite sports methaphor titles concurrently (1) Greatest Backup Quarterback of All-Time and (2) Greatest running quarterback of all-time.

- Foxy

Anonymous said...


I like your post, but Steve Young? Cmon! I would angle more toward a guy like Warren Moon or Randall Cunningham.

Black and proud, shout it aloud!

Anonymous said...

moon sucks dick!

Anonymous said...

Shut the fuck up asshole.

Anonymous said...

No blogs over the weekend? WTF!!!!