Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Classic Purchases

You know the story. These are actual orders I made from This one is probably the most I ever bought at one time for a single order. The date was September 29, 2000. I can't recall if anything specific was going on that would cause me to buy so much at one time but then again I was 22 and spending money on electronics like the Yankees did on over the hill superstars. The total order came to $200.05...yikes!

1.) The Perfect Storm (1999) - DVD - Sadly, I've yet to watch this film since I bought it. I did see it in the theaters and recall it being pretty good though some critics disagreed. An eclectic cast featuring George Clooney, Mark Walberg, Diane Lane (before she got naked in Unfaithful), John C. Reilly (from Talladega Nights and Boogie Nights), and even Michael Ironside ("See you at the party Richter!!!" from Total Recall). The movie centered around the huge wave but there was really lame subplot about rescuing a dumb family out at sea at the time the storm hit. I should pop this this movie again. Recommended.

2.) Gladiator - 2 Disc Special Edition (2000) DVD - One of my all time favorite movies. Lots of great performances by every actor involved but its the little scenes I like the best. My roommates and I would super-slomo the scene where Maximus's boy would get run over by the bad guys as well as the scene where the black lady on the chariot gets her arm chopped off. Joaquin Phoenix (always known as the chubby annoying kid from "Space Camp") is an awesome villain and the battle scenes are excellent. Russell Crowe deserved the Oscar here. Highly recommended.

3.) The Patriot (2000) - DVD - Another movie I really enjoyed in the theater but have yet to watch again since I purchased it. Mel Gibson plays a father during the Revolutionary War. When the war comes to his town, his son (played by Heath Ledger) fights along with him. I remember it being pretty bloody and the bad guy here, Jason Issacs, made me really angry. Another movie I should throw in but its difficult because 1.) finding two hours to watch a movie can be tricky these days and 2.) My wife hates movies with swords and large waves. Highly recommended.

4.) American Beauty (1999) DVD - A pretty interesting movie on many levels. I saw this one in the theater and walked out feeling pretty sad since Kevin Spacey is killed at the end. On the other hand, I felt happy to see Mena Suvari's breasts exposed on screen although the sort of sex scene is pretty cringe inducing. This movie is a comedy, drama, tragic melodrama, all wrapped up into one. The soundtrack is pretty memorable too and Genesis used the main theme for their 2007 tour when they would come on stage to start the show. I pick up new things every time I see this movie on cable these days. Highly recommended.

5.) G.I. Joe The Movie (1986) DVD - Haha, out of all of these movies here, I've probably scene this one more than all of them combined. I could do a whole post about this movie but I'll keep it short. Full of great lines ("be a credit to your country", "a maaannn, i was once a maaaannn", "the last sound you will here, is the sound of the cracking of your vertebrae", and of course "Cobra La-la-la-la-la!!!!"). The animation was pretty good and they did their best to have every Joe and Cobra character get at least one line in the movie. The final battle scene always gives me the tingles too. Highly recommended (if you're a fan of the show).

6.) Scream Trilogy - Boxed Set DVD - Another movie I've yet to watch in the theater and I've never seen Scream 3 yet. The first Scream was a very cool movie theater experience as it scared the bejesus out of me and it was a pretty good plot. The second one, I barely remember and I have no interest in seeing the third one. This series of movies initiated my hatred for David Arquette (Dewey in the movies) as well as Neve Campbell to an extent as she always teases but never shows nudity (see "Wild Things" as well). Why I bought this in hindsight, I have no idea. Only recommended for the first movie.

7.) Transfomers: The Movie (1986) DVD - I will set this aside for a future post but I'll quickly state that I can recite the entire movie. When this movie was released on DVD, it was the equivalent of David Wheaton knocking on my door asking me to hit tennis balls. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT confuse this movie with the dreck known as Transformers that Michael Bay did last summer. Highly recommended.

8.) Major League Baseball - All Century Team (1999) DVD - Ahhhhh...when I'm feeling nostalgic for the good old days of baseball, I will put this on. Its the broadcast of the all century MLB ceremony from Fenway Park during the 1999 All Star Game. Living 10 minutes away from Fenway at the time, I have special memories of this. From the best video game announcer of all time, Vin Scully, doing the intros, to seeing all of these great players on the field together for the first time, to seeing Ted Williams being rolled out on a golf cart to a thunderous ovation, this is a must buy for baseball lovers. Highly recommended for sports fans.

Hmmmm...looking at the above, it looks like I was on a movie binge at the time.

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