Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Top 10 Trilogies of All Time - Part 1

Trilogies are becoming more and more frequent because if you have a great first movie, then the dollar signs go off in Hollywood to basically repeat the same premise and make more money. Of course others are used to tell a complete story. Here is my totally biased opinion of the top 10 trilogies of all time. I guarantee you that I am leaving some of the more famous ones out so I can focus on a few underrated ones. I don't need JRR Tolken fans screaming at me because I left out Lord Of The Rings or 8 year olds because I left out Shrek (which I still haven't seen yet).

10.) Robocop -

The first movie was awesome as I'd never seen a guy get his arm blown off or his jugular ripped out. Many quotable lines ("I'll by that for a dollar", "I work for Dick Jones!!! Dick Jones!!!", and "What's your name officer?...Murphy") and shows pretty graphically what happens when a man gets toxic waste dumped on him.

Robocop 2 was a movie I used to show off my home theater system since it featured non stop gun fire at the end. A little more "out there" than the first movie especially when you have a 12 year kid acting as the number 2 person in a large drug empire.

Robocop 3 was pretty bad I'll admit. A Robocop movie should never be rated PG-13 and the original actor who played Robocop, Peter Weller, had moved on. Seeing Robocop fight a ninja was pretty lame as well.

9.)Spiderman -

The first spiderman was a dream to fans of the comic book (like myself). An almost perfect movie dragged down a bit by the long amount of time it takes to establish the character. Revolutionized special effects as well and nothing beats William Dafoe playing a bad guy.

Spiderman 2 was even better than the first since it got right to the action, had a great conflicted villain in Dr. Octopus, and had a lot more action.

Spiderman 3 had probably the best villains on paper but it dragged in a lot of places and Spiderman was not meant to be dancing. I guess it was easy for Tobey Maguire to play "dark" Spiderman by coming his hair over. Still a good way to wrap things up and Venom was always my favorite villain in the comic book so it was good to see him come to life on the big screen.

8.) Final Destination -

Final Destination had a pretty neat twist on the horror genre in that the way people died was pretty ingenious. The first movie graphically showed a plane crash, the second movie showed a car accident, and the last one showed a roller coaster disaster. The movies loosely tied together (the guy from the Candyman movies was the only actor in each one if I remember right). Not bad for a small horror movie.

7.) Blade -

I love vampires (anybody else watching the new HBO series True Blood?) so this movie is on this list for almost that reason alone. Combine that with a good storyline, an update of the vampire mythology, and a good performance from Wesley Snipes and Steven Dorf (I love his name) and you have a great first movie. The second was even better with improved horror effects and more bad assing by Mr. Snipes. The third movie was a little weak in that it brought in new characters like Kate Beckingdale but it was a worthy end to this trilogy.

6.) Poltergeist -

The movie that initiated my fear of clowns and old bible thumping preachers. The first one was a great story and although the second one was a little more horrorish, there were some great scenes like the younger brother's braces attacking him and seeing the guy who played Coach vomit up a small worm like creature. Throw in the creepy old guy and that movie worked for me. The third movie was pretty weak in that Carol Anne was the only actor from the first two movies and it involved something to do with movies and a swimming pool. I only caught it on cable once. I think Tom Skerrit was in it.

Anyway, come back tomorrow for part 2.


Kerri said...


From your favorite 80's chick!!!


Anonymous said...

Old man knocks at the door-
"Carol Anne...I know your mama!"

Hungieman said...

The old man from Poltergeist 2 will get his own blog post one of these days...I promise you that.

Anonymous said...

Fool, you left off Lord of the Rings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Frodo 4-eva!