Friday, September 12, 2008

Saved By The Bell Greatest Moment

Super quick tidbit. If you haven't figured it out yet, you can turn the music off by turning the volume down. The player remembers your last setting so that should work. I realized that with the videos I sometimes post, you'd need to turn the music down to hear it. Billy Wagner's tears from yesterday don't sound as good when "Don't Stop Believing" is playing at the same time.

Onto to today....

Saved By The Bell will be the cockroach of this century. It seems like it will never die and will be in syndication forever. Not too bad for a show that lasted 4 maybe 5 years. In any event my morning ritual involves catching a few minutes of an episode every morning, its on TBS from 7am to 9am, to relive the old days of watching this show Saturday mornings. Yesterday morning featured one of the all time great episodes...the episode where Jesse is overwrought by pressure to not only pass a big test but perform the Pointer Sisters modern day classic "I'm So Excited" in front of a some kind of music producer.

In any event, Jesse starts taking caffeine pills and eventually gets hooked on them. What follows is perhaps the greatest 27 seconds in teen TV history. I'm shocked Elizabeth Berkeley didn't get an Emmy nomination for this but it certainly caught the eye of the casting director for the movie Showgirls.

First, I give you the original clip.

Pretty powerful stuff! I'd like to know how much the Pointer Sisters made off royalties for lending them this song because its a comedy goldmine. Ironically enough, somebody on Youtube made a little spoof out of this incident. Its funny what a laugh track can do. Check this out...

Bravo to the creator of this.

That's all for this week. I'm up in the New England region this weekend so for now enjoy the music and there will be more to come on Monday.


Anonymous said...

I always had a thing for jessie and the black chick. What was her name again?

Hungieman said...

Lisa Turtle played by Lark Vorhees