Friday, September 26, 2008

Classic TV Intros - My Two Dads

My Two Dads was a show I enjoyed watching after school (it may have been on USA paired with Just The Ten Of Us). It involved two men, either of which was the father of a teenage daughter named Nicole. The Dad's were played by Paul Reiser (hot off his appearance in Aliens) and Greg Evigan (not sure what he's been up to lately but I used to love saying his last name for some reason...Evigan).

The daughter was played Stacy Keanan, who I definitely had a crush on. She popped up again on the Patrick Duffy/Suzanne Somers show "Step By Step" but this was a show that she owned. She also had a really hot blond haired friend but I couldn't tell you her name. There also was an old lady who played the judge who assigned Nicole to this completely absurd one wanted to do a paternity test?

Here's the intro...follow as long if you wish below:

Actually before commenting on it piece by piece, I noticed that there is an EXTREMELY annoying saxophone blaring over the main theme song. It doesn't even sound like its in the right key or if its playing the right song. I couldn't help but notice that...anyway:

0:00-0:13 - A rarity at the time, a voiceover begins the opening intro to set the premise. Why two grown men would take on a 14 year old daughter that they never knew they had is beyond me. In fact, this show could have easily been paired with the HBO show Cathouse and shown at 12:30am if they REALLY wanted to push the envelope. I'd be promoting sleepovers at my place if I was them.

0:14-0:18 - That judge needs to be stripped of her judgeship (or whatever its called). Again, if some judge forced me to take care of a child because I MIGHT be the child's father, I'd head right down to the local DNA office. Even weirder is that she owns and lives in the same building that the two Dads and the girl live in.

0:21- 0:25 - A quick montage showing how "different" the Dad's are. In hindsight, they are probably very similar except for the fact that Paul Reiser's character probably hasn't been laid in years and Greg Evigan's character has threesomes every night.

0:28 - 0:33 - Odd how they "rank" the characters in the show. I sort of see why Paul Reiser gets top billing but why does Greg Evigan's name come after Dick Butkus and the judge?

0:36-0:37 - Very creepy that the judge comes down to visit them in nothing but a robe.

0:44-0:46 - I forgot that Dick Butkus was even in this show. I think he ran the local diner or something like that. I like how in two of his clips he's seen throwing a football (because he was famous for being....well, a football player).

0:50 - After a flurry of montage shots, we get the money shot of Greg Evigan. He sort of looks like Kenny Loggins to me. In fact the "You Can Count On Me" theme song sounds like its being sung by Kenny Loggins.

Wow, there are a lot of sweaters seen in this clip. Again, that saxophone is so could be Clarence Clemmons playing on speed.

Enjoy the weekend and stay dry and if you're in the NY area.


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Can I make a couple of friendly suggestions:

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I hope you consider these suggestions.

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Listen asshole. Nobody is asking for your input on the structure of the blog. If you don't like it, go somewhere else. I like the music.

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I agree with the OP. The music sucks. Get rid of the music.


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To poster #2 - Ha ha....You stupid fuck headed shit brain.