Wednesday, May 20, 2009

8pm Cold Intro - Judges Intro

And we are underway...

I love in the computer generated intro it looks the people are walking into a concert venue right out of the Death Star.

First celebrity sighting: Janice Dickinson from the Surreal Life.

100 million desparate souls voted last night.

Intro of the judges:
Randy - multiple clips of Randy are shown saying "For Me" but I'm distracted by his horrible fashion sense. The only thing that stays consistent is that rainbow colored necklace.

Kara - I am oddly attracted to her but her personality would drive me crazy. This could be her final appearance tonight if the rumors are true.

Paula - I am convinced that her breasts are mishapen. You can't see it tonight but it looks like she had some kind of "cheek implant" inserted into her breasts.

Simon - Hmmm...he wasn't booed by Randy for once.

Overall, the clips were a little silly but it gets the night going.

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