Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Awards Time - Best Attitude - Bikini Girl

Here we go again...

1.) Bikini Girl - I loved how she threw her body out there and made it to Hollywood.

2.) Alexis - This kind of person is the reason why these early rounds are just pointless TV.

3.) Tiffany - I like the donkey reference by Simon...first time I laughed out loud tonight. Still, again this is why the early rounds are just lame.

And the winner is the bikini girl...HELLO BOOB JOB!!!. Nice line by Ryan there to acknowledge that.

Bikini Girl will next be seen on Cinemax around Saturday at 2am.

Kara can sing! I love how she is completely showing up this girl. Nice body on her too. The bikini girl looks completely embarassed.

Best moment so far...

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