Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And Your Winner Is...

I like how they each are holding a microphone. Simon's final comments are pretty much that they are nice guys and that the music business will completely corrupt them.

Edward Boddington from Telescope gets his moment of fame here. Hmmm..he says "almost" 100 million votes were cast when Ryan said "over" 100 million votes were cast.

And the winner is...KRIS!!!

Unbelievable...although I could see this coming...I didn't. If not for the bottle of wine I drank, I'd throw something across the room. Instead, I'm a happy drunk and can't feel happy for him.

What a cheesy trophy.

Hmmm...Simon's not standing up like the other judges.

Here comes some verbal diarhea..."No Boundries". What a terrible song...hopefully Adam gets a song that suits his style better because this sounds exactly the kind of song Kris will sing for the years to come.

Its Justin Guarini!!!


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