Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Glamorous Life

All the final 5 woman are singing Glamorous. Dear lord, the blond sounds terrible. That was a terrible job.

Here's Fergie. She doesn't sound much better...somebody get her a vocoder stat!

She has a lot of split ends here. I always liked this song. A good mid-tempo ballad with a decent hook.

My wife chirps in here..."she looks horrible...but then again she's married now". Her legs are holding up at least.

Time for some "Boom Boom Pow". The blond girl with the crazy tattoo is grinding on somebodyh right now. I bet the Black Eye Peas are glad Fergie decided to come back to them. If all else fails the guys in the Black Eye Peas and No Doubt should form a band together.

What was up with the cut to the American Idol logo there.

The zebra outfitted dancers are right out of the "One Night In Bangkok" video.

Randy looks like he's sporting a massive erection right now.

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