Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol Finale Preshow the American Idol running commentary. I'll start with my surroundings. I'm sitting on my living room couch which was recently thrown up by my beloved niece twice last weekend. I had not seen that much puke since my college days in Boston. In any event, the smell appears to be gone so let's keep out fingers crossed.

My preshow dinner was Greek and I am currently starting on my first Bud Light. I fully expect to either have a solid buzz going by the start of hour 2...or I will be in the bathroom holding on for dear life as the chicken gyro I ordered exits my body.

Here's a quick checklist of things I hope to see tonight.
1.) Randy do his stupid "Booooooo!!!" when they introduce Simon Cowell.
2.) Scott McIntyre awkwardly wave to the crowd and try to find the camera(mind you he's blind)
3.) The completely chaotic song performance that the "Final 13" contestents will put on. My early favorite Jorge was ousted early so it will be good to see him again. I predict he will sing two lines solo in the group song.
4.) A bunch of random pairings of the finalists.
5.) Random celebrity sightings (last night was Katie Homes and Sir Anthony Hopkins...has anyone seen the movie "The Gift" by the way?. I bet Tom Cruise is on a mission to destroy all copies of that film. There are only two reasons to see that movie by the way...and they are a C-cup).
6.) Some type of promotion for a Fox movie...last year it was "Tropic Thunder".
7.) Some kind of "Best of the Worst" feature.
7.) A technical glitch or two.

I've been watching the entire season since the Semifinal round of 36 so I am fully vested in this show tonight. This should be fun.

Prediction: Adam SHOULD win here (I'll go with him) but I have a sneaking suspicion that Kris could steal this.

See you around 8pm...

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