Thursday, May 7, 2009

Marriage Proposals and the 1986 Masters

One of my favorite all time sporting events that occurred in my lifetime that I never actually saw happen live was the 1986 Masters. This was the tournament where a supposedly washed up 46 year old Jack Nicklaus made a huge comeback on the final day. This putt on the 17th hole was the most memorable moment as Jack took the lead for the first time in the tournament. The subtle but effective announcer commentary and the crowd reaction only add to it.

After watching this 1,561 times, I realized that this clip is just like a marriage proposal. Follow my rational here. First the clip.

Pretty amazing right? Now lets re imagine this as a marriage proposal.

0:00 - 0:14 - Jack lining up the putt are those few nerve wracking seconds when the guy decides "alright, let's pop the question right now" while his soon to be fiancee is probably babbling away about work or gossiping about a random friend.

0:15-0:31 Jack leaning over the putt compares to the moment that the guy gets down on one knee. The crowd goes dead silent in anticipation of what is to happen next.

Even the announcer says at the the :27 second mark, "this is for sole possession of the lead"...or rather "sole possession of his woman's heart".

0:31-0:39 - The camera angle changing compares to the actual asking of the question "will you marry me". Again, the silence and crowd anticipation reaches it's climax here.

0:39-0:43 The putt starts its way towards the hole compares to the excruciating wait the guy has to wait for his lady's answer. Even if a guy knows it is a certain "yes", its still a tense moment.

The announcer adds to the tension here with his simple comment of "maybe" at the :43 second mark.

:44-1:06: YES SIR!!! The putt is made and proposal is accepted. What newly engaged guy wouldn't feel like Jack after he made that putt...pumping his fists, exhaling deeply, and looking towards the sky. The crowd goes crazy.

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