Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Danny Gokey - Hello/Random New Song/All Night Long

Danny gets the plush 9pm time slot to sing a sappy Lionel Richie song. Not to beat a dead horse...but in the original video a blind girl obsessed over Lionel Richie. I'd love to see Scott come out and create a bust of Danny's head and sing to it.

Now Lionel comes out to sing his new single destined to barely crack the Billboard top 200. Did Lionel just sing "let's just chill"? This the man who wrote one of the best breakdown sections of a song ever in "All Night Long" (Jambo jambo!)

And right on cue...All Night Long! I swear, I just wrote the above paragraph without seeing this happen. Great, I miss the 80's. I nearly broke down and cried on the way home thinking that 20 years ago was 1989...where does the time go???

I switched over to wine...this is risky move.

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