Sunday, March 7, 2010

ABC Pre-Show - 8pm

Its almost go time. This is usually one of the worst interviewed shows of the year. Lasy year, they threw Robin Roberts and Regis on the red carpet and it was a hilarious disaster. Can't wait to see who does it this year.

Ahhhh yes...glorious HD. Its great to see where the bad make up jobs occur.

Whoa! Sherry Shepard, Kathy Ireland, Jess Cagle! So much for Robin Roberts this year.

All five supporting actresses standing next to each other sizing each other up. Penelope Cruz suddenly forgets how to speak clean English. I love Anna Kendrick. The Vera woman looks like she aged 10 years since the Departed.

Ugh, Maggie Gyllenhaal...

I just remembered Mo'Nique was in the movie Beer Fest! She's come a long way. She already sounds she knows she won the award.

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