Sunday, March 7, 2010

Best Supporting Actress

Robin Williams is here only because Heath Ledger passed away (usually the prior year's winner presents the award). Nice low brow balls joke there Robin...c'mon man, you're more sophisticated than that.

Mo'Nique will probably win this hands down but maybe Anna can pull this out. She was very good in Up In The Air. I need to see Precious because I heard Mo'Nique's character was just pure evil and that's the sign of a great performance.

And the winner is...Maggie Gyllenhaal! Just kidding...its Mo'Nique. If anybody is going to cry and get all serious its her. The crowd seems to love her.

I like how she thanked her attorney. Mo'Nique supposedly has an open marriage with her husband. I think I just saw him wink at Cameron Diaz.

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