Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Love Kathy Ireland.

Kathy Ireland sounds like a robot but she looks great. Poor Jake, he has to be interviewed by Kathy...ugh she's full of cliches. Why did she mention Brothers there? That movie already came out last year. Kathy sounds like the Jim Lampley of interviews.

Over to Sherry with George Clooney and his girlfriend who never says anything. She actually mouths a word but that's it.

Now over to the dude interviewer who seems a lot more at ease and smooth. Sandra Bullock looks nice but why he just asked her what she plans on eating after the show is weird..."starving is worth it?"

Back to Kathy Ireland and her weird hand movements. She is pure comedy gold right now! I've never heard the word "carpet" pronounced "car-PET". I love the "Thank you Zach...thank you soooooooo much" to Zach Efron.

I've already found my highlight of the night and we're 7 minutes in!

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