Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscars Main Broadcast - Opening

Here we go! They start the show introducing all of the actor and actress nominations. I think this is neat....though Jeremy Renner and that actress from the Messenger seems to look starstruck.

J-Lo and Robin Williams sitting next to each other?

Its Doogie Hauser! He's singing a song about people not wanting to do something alone. Not sure about dropping the soap reference is PC but hey who am I to judge and James Cameron being shown in complete darkness. Now its turning into a big dance production. Doogie's voice was ready to crack there but he pulls it off.

Here's Steve and Alec, I guess the song thing allows them to just go right into the monologue. Nice jab there by Steve to Alec about how he's accomplished little in his career.

Meryl Streep gets a most losses nod which is funny. Christopher Plummer stands up to acknowledge his own applause...hmmm.

The laughter and applause sounds weird....its like they're at a small club.

Lots of random but good jokes. Meryl Streep and Hitler memoriabilia....A Precious videogame joke...Steve Martin references "The Jerk"...Woody Harrelson gets a drug reference (!)...A nice riff on Cameron in 3D and and ex-wife joke about Cameron sending Katherine Bigelow a Toyota...another funny Jewish joke about Inglorious Basterds though some of the actors weren't laughing...a Sandra Bullock joke in that she might now win...Zach and Effron look like deer in headlights...and a running George Clooney joke.

Not too bad...

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