Sunday, March 7, 2010

People who have died

C'mon Demi get out there. Oooo!!! My favorite part. Seeing what actors you recognize that have passed away. Let's see who gets the biggest applause. Quick notes.

James Taylor sings a Beatles song?

Patrick Swayze...oooo...almost forgot about him. You're like the wind PS!

Jean Simmons...not the Kiss singer, it was a lady.

David Carradine...he wins the award for weirdest death this year. Strangling yourself while masturbating.

Dom Deluise!!! He was in a ton of game shows.

Ron Silver...lots of bad guy roles like Blue Steele

Brittany Murphy...way too young. Farewell Luanne from King Of The Hill.

Roy Disney - Walt Disney's son I think.

Michael Jackson - One real movie to his credit, "The Wiz", but enough to warrant a mention I guess...unless movies surface with him playing little boys...Boo-Yah!

Natasha Richardson - This was the saddest of them all...Liam Neeson's wife. She died after banging her head skiing. Always wear a helmet!

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