Thursday, March 18, 2010

Corey Haim's Greatest Role - "Blown Away"

Poor Corey Haim, he probably earned more money during his teen years than most of us will earn in our lifetime and he still found a way to piss it all away on drugs. Still, he had one heck of a run in the 1980's Let's take a closer look:

1.) Silver Bullet: I never watched the entire movie all the way through but must have stumbled across the last 10 minutes hundreds of time on HBO. All I know is that Corey is being chased by a guy in a werewolf suit and Gary Busey is yelling. That final scare when the werewolf guy reaches out after being shot in the eye is pretty cool.

2.) Lucas: Never saw this movie. Even as a 7 or 8 year old, I could sniff out a chick flick. I remember thinking the girl in this movie was cute though.

3.) License To Drive: Classic movie from my youth. Stupid but fun story and it has a random cast that features Heather Graham in one of her first roles as Mercedes and the dad from Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire plays the driving test guy. Good times here.

4.) The Lost Boys: I was too young to have seen this movie when it came out but when I did, I thought it was great. Another cool 80's cast too like Corey Feldman, Jason Patric, Dianne West, and hottie Jamie Gertz. Keifer Sutherland was never better in my opinion.

5.) Dream A Little Dream: Never saw this movie...again my ten year old mind couldn't connect with what this movie was about. Again, the girl in this move was hot.

Now the above five movies are probably what 99% of the critics discussed when he died. If you ask most guys in his early 30's about what his favorite movie was...I guarantee you they will say 1992's cult classic "Blown Away".

"Isn't Blown Away that Jeff Bridges/Tommy Lee Jones movie?" some idiot will ask. Nope! Its the classic Corey Haim/Corey Feldman/Nicole Eggert soft core porn classic that appeared on HBO. I remember the first time watching this was part of some "Friday Night Action" series that HBO was putting together. Let's just say that this movie completely blew my then 14 year old mind. I mean Nicole Eggert (fresh off Charles In Charge) gets naked about 5 different times in this movie. If you could name one actress IN HER PRIME from an 80's TV show that would you want to sell their integrity for a movie like this, Nicole Eggert would have to be up there right? Runners up would probably be Stacy Keenan from My Two Dads and the red head from My Two Dads (who actually did get nude now that I think of it but not until years later).

Here's the trailer...

It also seemed to have a decent plot though I was certainly ignoring any plot discrepancies due to the excessive nudity and thrusting. I haven't seen this movie in at least 10-15 years but I love how the Dad in this movie gets pushed off a cliff on his motorcycle. There's also random dancing by Corey Feldman and some of most random plot twists ever found in a movie. The best is the final scene where its Corey vs. Corey and one gets shot (I won't say which one dies). Even 90210 alum Kathleen Robertson makes an appearance (though sadly does not get naked).

Anyway, Corey Haim will be missed...and I hope that if he is reading this blog from his computer in heaven, that he truly appreciates the number of prepubescent lives he touched with his timeless classic "Blown Away".

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