Sunday, March 7, 2010

Best Score

J-Lo and the guy from Avatar and Terminator Salvation present the best score

J-Lo looks pretty much the same she did 10 years ago...but she needs a hit (song or movie) to be relevent a few years from now.

Uh-oh...abstract dancing. Will Doogie Hauser make another appearance here? Borrrring. I like the guy doing the robot though...or is he miming? I forget the difference.

This has ground the show to a halt...I mean the dancing is great but it seems to have more purpose at the Grammys. They get a semi standing ovation at least.

And Up wins for the best score...good for them. The guy seems confused where to go up the stairs and he almost steps on J-Lo's dress. Oh boy, this guy has a speech all set...but I like it.

Please let's get the show going again.

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