Sunday, March 7, 2010

ABC Preshow - 8:20-end

Tina Fey and Steve Carrell are interviewed and they do this dumb bit about it not being the Emmys and get to plug a movie. I like them because they know they have act all silly.

Kathy Ireland talks up Miley like she's the second coming of Jesus Christ. Thank youuuuu.

Sherry gets Jeff Bridges. He just looks like a super cool guy. He's come a long way since the remake of King Kong.

The dude gets Kate Winslet. Sadly she's given up nude scenes but then again when most actresses hit their mid 30's, you don't care much about seeing them nude anymore.

Kathy gets the hefty girl from Precious. Wow, Kathy says the whole title of the movie Precious without stumbling. Gabourey is funny...I was in the kitchen during the preshow and thought it was Sarah Silverman being interviewed.

Sherry gets Taylor Lautner and he uses words like "amaaaazing, thrilled to be here, going to be a great night". Nice job kid, you've been hollywoodfied already at 17.

The dude gets Meryl Streep. She looks good at 60. She seems down to earth. I'd be like her in that I'd use these award shows to "catch up with friends".

Kathy takes us out and looks like she's wobbly...what a revelation. I need more of her. Off to the show...

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