Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Classic Commercials - Drinking And Driving Can Kill A Friendship

Watching a lot of syndicated TV shows in the 80's like Differ'ent Strokes and Facts Of Life, there would be an adult commercial that I would never understand (see the earlier post on Summer's Eve for one example). In any event, my favorite "adult" commercial was one where various glasses of alcoholic beverages would shatter against each other, simulating a car crash.

I love the foreboding voice ("when friends don't stop friends from drinking...friends DIE"). I also don't think ever heard a tire screech last that long. First up are the glasses of wine...then the beer. Each time the announcer voice pauses longer and enunciates the word DIE even more.

I was always fascinated by the glasses shattering in slow motion but even more amazed by that tiny little splash of liquid from the scotch that falls back into the glass.

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