Sunday, March 7, 2010

Best Director

Barbara Streisand, fresh off butchering the We Are The World remake, is about to announce the Best Director award.

This is James Cameron versus his ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow...screw everybody else here.

I'm pulling for Bigelow. I think The Hurt Locker was the grittier slightly better made movie. She'd be the first woman to win and Cameron has one for Titanic. Still, he created an entire world, characters, and language. Tough call here.

And the winner is Kathryn Bigelow...I love how James Cameron mouthed the words "OKAY....OKAY" when they announced her name.

Alright Barbara, get off the stage. Wow, KB looks great. I wonder in Cameron is looking at his current wife and then looking at her and wondering if he made a mistake.

No reference to her ex-husband but a great shout out to the troops in Iraq. Also like the quick shots of the other directors. Quentin looked unhappy again.

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