Sunday, February 22, 2009

ABC Preshow - Final Segment

More interviews...

*Awwww...the auditors holding the winning envelopes. Nice spin boys!

* Meryl Streep - she is holding up nicely. Her obnoxious daughter says that this isn't her first red about taking your life for granted.

*Penelope Cruz - Are they zooming on her dress or her breasts? Who is this interviewer? Why is he holding the microphone with two hands? Apparently she is "dressed for a win".

* Richard Jenkins - he's been in tons of movies but the one I'll always remember him for is in "Witches Of Eastwick" when he played the husband of the lady who started throwing up cherries and he finally kills her. I hope at least one person knows what I'm talking about here.

* Is that Joe Buck interviewing Jack Black? I like the possesive way he holds his wife's hand or is it vice versa? She looks VERY uncomfortable.

* An interview with Marisa Tomei's breasts featuring the rest of her body. This interviewer is insane...the dress is "nervous making"?

* A nice trifecta...Seth Rogan, Judd Apatow, and Leslie Mann...Instead of asking who'd you save in an earthquake, I'd do a F*ck, Marry, Kill with them.

* Uh-oh, here's a buzz kill...talking about what to expect for the music for the Oscars.

*Robin Roberts...I still can't get over this look...she now reminds me of Robin Quivers from the Howard Stern show.

Onto the main show...

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