Sunday, February 22, 2009

Its GO Time - 8:30pm

*Peppy music starts off Hugh Jackman's entrance. I love Wolverine. Hmmm...looks like he is doing a monolgue pointing out various nominees. Forced applause is all over the place. Bad "New Zealand" joke.

* I like the low budget song and dance overview of the nominees. Its hard to rhyme "excrement". I like the "Milk" rap.

* "The Benjamin Button" spoof is amusing as well..."pubic hair"? Hugh Jackman looks like he's going to burst out laughing at any moment.

* Now Hugh and Anne Hathaway spoof "Frost/Nixon". I'll admit this is really corny, but I like it. I'm impressed Anne Hathaway who's nominated for an award would do this. She's got to be nervous to begin with and now do to do this. Pretty cool.

* Another dance sequence about "The Reader" done in a "Sprockets" style. I love how Hugh is borderline breaking down laughing in almost every part here.

* If you haven't seen "The Wrestler", then you should appreciate the hair fixing and arm slapping.

* Nice ending saying "I am Wolverine"

* Wow! Very cool. I like that. Looks like James Bond is sitting behind Frank Langella.

* More brief interviews with Micket Rourke, Brangelina, Meryl Streep, and her stuck up daughter...oh no, a bad steroids joke.

*Hmmm...the first the curtains!!! Montages are hit or miss. Man, there were a lot of terrible actress's that won awards here.

* This is neat...they bring out five former winners. I love the guy from "The Girl Next Door" surprised that he should have to stand up.

* A really old lady in a white dress who struggles to read the teleprompter who's voice cracks talks about Viola Davis. Angelica Huston talks about Penelope Cruz. This is weird...are they going to do this for all nominees? I hope they do this for all the sound mixing guys. Poor Whoopie, you think she'd rather host the show rather than be relegated to talking about Amy Adams. Goldie Hawn draws the short straw and gets to talk about Taraji. I guarantee that Goldie did not see this movie. Finally, Tilda gets to wax poetic justice about Marissa Tomei.

* WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!? This is the most random award presentation ever. I love it though!

* And the Oscar goes to...Penelope Cruz. I like the spanish accent on the way Tilda says "Cruz". Uh-oh...she already says he speech is going to be long...

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