Sunday, February 22, 2009

Let's Honor Jerry Lewis

Well, hello Eddie Murphy! Nice to see him come out of hiding to present Jerry Lewis some kind of humanitarian award.

* I'm trying to think of a tasteless "Jerry's Kids" joke but nothing is coming to be now. Give me some time though.

* Jerry Lewis really was a innovative actor. He was also a great director too. Didn't get much of a montage but let's hear him talk.

*Hmmm...he looks good for a guy over 80. Nice speech, I'd thought he'd be a little more wild but what can you do.

* Damn it Hollywood...stand up for the man!!!

* Hold up, I found an old joke...

Q: What has 500,000 feet and still can't walk?
A: Jerry's kids.

I'm taking an express elevator down, I know...

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