Sunday, February 22, 2009

Best Supporting Actor

Hmmm...Christopher Walken, Tommy Lee Jones, Sean Connery, Alan must be time for Best Supporting Actor award or "Let's honor the life of Heath Ledger"

* HUGE!!! Christopher Walker is taking the stage!!! Plus Joel Grey is neat because he played a key bad guy role in "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Season 5.

* Alan Arkin gives Philip Seymour Hoffman props for "Doubt"...I love the skull cap.

* Joel Grey gets to honor Josh Brolin. He looks way too tan. Please slap Dianne Lane if you lose.

* Oh boy...the luckiest Oscar winner ever, Cuba Gooding Jr. gets to talk about Robert Downey Jr. I like his speech. Cuba probably could have used that role.

* Its fitting Christopher Walken gets to talk about the crazy guy Michael Shannon played. I love Christopher Walken's mullet.

* Kevin Kline gets to discuss Heath Ledger...its just a matter of who accepts the award. They don't cut to anybody in the audience.

* Surprise...its Robert Downey Jr....just kidding, Heath Ledger. Get out your hankies kids, this is going to be sad.

* Hmmmm...his parents are young looking. Nice shot of Kate Winslet, Ron Howard, Brad Pitt, and Adrian Brody, Mickey Rourke, Anne Hathway, Christopher Nolan, Anjelina, and Robert Downey Jr."

* I would pay $1,000 to see the orchestra play the Dad off the stage. I'd also pay $1,000 to show somebody like Robert Downey Jr. laughing like a hyena during the speech. Yes, I have a slightly twisted mind.

* Yes, he was awesome playing the "Jokel" or so says his sister.

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