Sunday, February 22, 2009

Best Cinematography

Time for a little Joaquin Phoenix ribbing here...if you didn't see it Youtube "Letterman Phoenix" and prepared to be awed for 5 and half minutes.

* Ben Stiller is channeling Joaquin Phoenix well but I feel bad for the nominees as this is the only chance they'll be recognized...good bit though.

* And the Oscar goes too...Slumdog Millionare. No real surprise there since it was a pretty sprawling movie that is a love letter to Mumbai.

* I like this guy's hair...sort of like a mushroom/lampshade look.

* All of the winners so far appear to be foriegn...lots of European accents.

* Danny Boyle needs to bleech his teeth. we're going to a lot of commercials. Its "slow the pace down" time...remember its a marathon not a sprint.

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