Sunday, February 22, 2009

ABC Preshow - Second Segment 8:10

Damn, I didn't expect all of these interviews happening so fast. Need to slow down the drink intake as well. As we come back from commercial...

* Of course you have to kiss the designer's ass..."Mr. Valentino...blah blah blah". What a waste of 60 seconds.

* Here's "Slumdog Millionaire"..its funny seeing the entire cast as there are three sets of actors playing the two main actors.

* Mickey Rourke...please let him win, he will be comedic gold. He's wearing a picture of his dead dog Loki...I like that. I also like he was going to bring his dog had it still been alive.

*Zac and Vanessa...I wish they'd show a split screen of the nude picture of her. Robin Roberts looks like the old tennis player Zina Garrison.

* Viola Davis was very good in "Doubt" though she only had about 15 minutes of scrfeen time. Her husband is the luckiest man tonight to ride her coattails.

* Miley Cyrus time...what are the odds she'd do the racist Chinese eye slant? Spit out your words already.

* Anne Hathaway...oh, how far you and your breasts have come since the movie "Havoc". I hope she wins...I like her a lot and her performace was very good apparently.

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