Sunday, February 22, 2009

Random Musical Salute Song and Dance

Hugh is back and promoting the return of the musical...did he see "Enchanted"?

* Another sing and dance routine...uh-oh is that Beyonce and her thick legs?

* The theme here is song and dance, but I'm going to guess they are going through past big songs over the history of movies.

* I want Beyonce to break into the "All The Single Ladies" dance right now.

* "Lady Marmelafe is being trotted out. I think the girl with the huge bug eyes from Mamma Mia has joined the fray.

* Time for "At Last"...Etta James is getting pissed somewhere.

* Oh no...Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens have joined the party.

* Please don't tell me that's the USC Marching Band...last week the Grammy's now this?!? Its not fair (forgive me resentment, I was in the Boston College Marching Band)...

* And we're almost gets a standing ovation. Zac Efron's hat falls off.

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