Sunday, February 22, 2009

ABC Preshow - First Segment

Whoa, Robin Roberts?!? She looks two dimensional when she turns sideways. Kate Winslet is the first interview and she sounds very British using words like "sweet" and "moments like this".

* Interesting moment with Josh Brolin and Diane Lane. I would pay $100 for the interviewer to ask Diane Lane how it felt with he struck her in the face a couple of years ago. I can't believe this guy was in the Goonies. He looks very tan.

* Off to Amy Adams. I'll admit she won me over again after one of the worst movies ever "Enchanted". What is that necklace? She looks like the psycho girl from "Wedding Crashers"

* I won't even comment on the Sarah Jessica Parker (did I mention how much I hate people with three names?). When is Matthew Broderick going to make "Project X 2"?

* That Taraji person makes me feel odd. She's having a good time but she's a little obnoxious. Robin Roberts?!?

* Yes, Frank Langella...He was equally awesome in the Madonna epic "Body Of Evidence".

* Brangelina was odd...I guess they're not granting interviews.

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Anonymous said...

Loving the running blog so far...really friggin awesome. Adds a whole new dimension to the Oscars.

Thanks Again!