Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Preshow - 8PM

Welcome to the Oscars. To give you an idea how I plan to do this, I will post updates every commercial break or unless something really boring is going on so just click refresh every so often...most recent updates will be on top. Expect a ton of spelling mistakes as I'm not the greatest typer. I also shut the music off so that won't become an issue.

My picks are below this post. Let the fun begin!

Quick E! Preshow wrap-up highlights:

1.) My Lord, I think they spent an entire half hour with the cast of "Slumdog Millionaire". Might as well ride the winning horse...not too hard though, we don't need Slumdog to turn into "Eight Belles" tonight and crush all of India.

2.) Ugh, the two leads from "High School Musical" are there along with the cast of "Twilight" and Miley Cyrus. Do you think 14 year olds are excited to see if films like "Milk", "Slumdog Millionaire" and "The Reader" are going to win awards? I'm sure they're just as excited as 60 year olds watching terrible teenage actors spout gibberish...I can't angry this early.

3.) Ryan Seacrest tried to get the two lead actors of "Slumdog Millionnaire" to admit if they're banging each other and they completely avoided the question.

4.) Why are Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce, and Jessica Biel there? Can someone explain that to me?

5.) I love seeing Peter Gabriel...I had hoped he'd sing the chorus to "Big Time" but my dreams were crushed.

6.) Mickey Rourke is going to say something really outlandish if he wins...I can feel it. IF he loses to Sean Penn, those of you with a DVR will enjoy the freeze frame of his face caving inward.

7.) Kate Winslet is going to be a bawling mess if she wins...I can feel this too. Another DVR freeze frame moment if she loses as well.

8.) I plan on drinking vodka and sprites to stay loose. Hopefully the night won't end face down somewhere as they announce Best Picture.

Switching over to ABC now...

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