Sunday, February 22, 2009

Best Director

Usaully the President of the Academy says a few words but today he gets nothing.

* Here's Reese...not a good idea in this economy to compare a director to a CEO. Not sure I like her dress or the blue eye make up.

* I think that if Obama's new stimulus package includes building roads, you can save money on drills and just use Reese's chin to burrow holes in the road.

* she reads the nominee, each director has their own fan club.

* And the Oscar goes to...Slumdog. Number 6 I beleive. This guy directed "Trainspotting" all those years ago so I guess he's had a solid career. This pretty much makes "Slumdog" a lock to win Best Picture now. The only suspense left is the Best Actor and Actress. Then again, HOW they'll present the Best Picture award might be interesting.

* Danny recognizes the guy that all haters of the end credit dance sequence can send anthrax too. That's hilarious he left him out of the credits...

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