Sunday, February 22, 2009

Best Picture

It seems that Steven Spielberg is the go to guy for "Best Picture" the past couple of years...but who else would you use here?

* They are tying the current nominees with past winners. Slumdog is about "destiny"...The Reader is about "dangerous affairs"...Frost/Nixon is about "integrity".."Milk" is about "revolution"... and "Benjamin Button" is about "the passage of time".

* This montage sucked the energy out of the room...but its finally over. Here we go for the final award. Its 90% "Slumdog" and "Milk" is the only movie that can upset it.

* Drum roll...and its "Slumdog Millionaire". You will now have the "Jai Ho" song in your head for the rest of eternity. Not bad for a little movie that could.

* Haha, they brought up the little kids in the movie, nice touch. If my wife was here, she'd probably be bawling.

* I feel bad for those kids though because in a week or two, they will be sent back to India. Hopefully they live it up in LA for a bit and partake in a few lines of cocaine off a strippers naked body.

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