Sunday, February 22, 2009

Best Actor

And the five presenters for the best actor award are...

* Robert Deniro (nice!), Ben Kingsley, Anthony Hopkins, Adrian Brody, Michael Douglas (double nice!), a great collection of actors here. Who is stuck honoring Brad Pitt?

* Michael "Greed Is Good" Douglas gets to honor Frank Langella. I miss Michael Douglas...not bad for a guy who was Basic Instinct.

* Robert Deniro gets a good line in about Sean Penn. Deniro looks great...why can't he be in one last great movie (Meet The Parents doesn't count). Trust me, Sean Penn was awesome in Milk.

* Adrian Brody gets everyman Richard Jenkins. I think it would be neat to see him win but I highly doubt it. That's a shame that Jennifer Aniston who's been nominated in NOTHING gets to sit a row closer than Richard Jenkins.

* Anthony Hopkins gets Brad Pitt...oops, he called him a "character" actor. Anthony Hopkins is another actor who I think has one last great film left in him.

* Ben Kingsley gets Mickey Rourke who looks extremely intense right now. The guy from "Twilight" sits right behind him for some reason and he does indeed look like a vampire waiting to bite Mickey Rourke's neck. I saw this movie too. I think Rourke will win but Sean Penn SHOULD win.

* Sean Penn WIIIIIIINSSSSS!!! I feel bad for Mickey but for those who haven't seen it, Milk is a tremendous performance....the Sean Penn accepting this award looks nothing like the character he portrayed in the film.

* Great speech going here...not sure who the "best friend" was. Shout out to Cleve Jones, who was a character in "Milk" and Gus Van Sant, who did a great job here directing. Nice touch on talking about Prop 8 being shot down...I think those people in California who voted it down should be ashamed of themselves.

* Nice touch there on Mickey Rourke...still doesn't take the sting away of losing his dog Loki before the show.

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