Sunday, February 22, 2009

Best Documentary

I'm surprised they didn't go to commercial here...instead they go to random documentaries. The piano music in the background is very pretty (did I say I appreciate music?)

* Yikes, Bill Maher hits the stage. Not sure why he's here since he appeals to a select niche but who knows. Ugh, terrible plug by Bill Maher of his own documentary.

* My pick is Man On Wire...of course its the only nominee I saw.

* Whoa, that Asian guy needs some braces (sorry, I tell it like it is).

* And the winner is "Man On Wire"...COOL. This is a really cool movie. Its about a guy who walked across the Twin Towers. Being from NY, its a love letter to the towers and the guy who did the walking (the guy with the white scarf) is awesome. Nice bit of magic there!

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