Sunday, February 22, 2009

Final Thoughts...

Hugh just came on to say stay tuned for sneak previews of movies in 2009. Oops here it is.

(I'm going to ignore this as I can't tell anything what these movies are about)

Final Thoughts...

Well if you look at it there really was one or two surprises..."Waltz With Brashir" losing and Sean Penn upsetting Mickey Rourke. I really liked past winners coming out to honor the current nominees. Hugh Jackman did a great job opening the show and holding your attention.

I could have done without the teenage crowd being involved but I guess you need that for ratings these days (hey ABC...try and remember who has more money these days to buy your advertiser's products...a 14 year old or a 31 year old).

That's all I have in me...after four hours plus on this computer, I think it and I need a rest.

Thanks to those few of you who followed along or just stopped by.

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