Sunday, February 22, 2009

Best Adapted Screenplay

Moving right from the "Best Screenplay" to "Best Adapted Screenplay"...

* A little more interplay with Steve and Tina.

* Nominees for Adapted Screenplay (this means from prior written material). I'm pulling for "Doubt" here since its a true ambigous movie but this could begin the "Slumdog" assault on the poor golden fella.

*And the winner is...Slumdog Millionare. If this movie wins the major awards, I wonder how many new born babies will be named "Latika". Cool beads running across this guy's tie.

* Excuse me as I gag seeing Jennifer Aniston and Jack Black being introduced. Pleas show a split screen of Jennifer and Angelina!!! Hah, they did cut to them...nice job Mr. Director.

* Interesting film to show all the nominees. Was that "Space Chimps"? My goodness, that was the "Speed Racer" of the animated movies this year. Why are they showing so many clips from this film if it wasn't nominated.

* What is this music? Sounds like the weird noises at the end of the Beach Boys song "Good Vibrations"

* Interesting that Jack Black gets to nominate an award for a film he played a key role in (Kung Fu Panda).

* The Oscar goes to..."Wall-E". Nice job for the little guy. If it wasn't going to be nominated for Best at least wins for best Animated Movie. Nice shot of Peter Gabriel who wrote a song for the movie. I can only hear though..."Give me steam!!! For how it feels can make it real...real as anything can be. Get up Hiiiiiiggggh...for a dreamerless dream". I'm getting distracted.

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