Sunday, February 22, 2009

Let's remember those who died.

Let's see Slumdog Millionaire has five awards so far.

* Ugh, Queen Latifah singing. She is introducing the "people who died" part of the show. I findthis facsinating in terms of who gets applause and who doesn't. Let's see who died...

* Bernie Mac...forgot about that one...mild applause

* Michael Crighton...mild applause

* Pat Hingle aka the commissioner from the Michael Keaton "Batman" movies.

* Roy Scheider...aka the guy from Jaws and that TV Show "Seaquest"

* Issac Hayes...RIP Shaft and the Chef from South Park.

* Ricardo Montalaban..."Tell me fans of the 80's, will you remember him more for "The Naked Gun" or "Star Trek 2?"

* The black head cop from Robocop...Nooooooo!!!

* Charlton Heston..."You blew it up!!! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!!"...major applause.

* Paul Newman...huge applause...and he gets a quick clip.

* No Heath Ledger? I guess he was honored with the Oscar.

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