Sunday, February 22, 2009

Action Movie Montage and Best Visual Effects and Sound Editing

Time to look at some of the best action movies of 2008. Can't really say anything about this except that I'm trying to figure out the band playing here...the Hives? I'm sure they are thankful to get any exposure whoever it is.

* Ugh, Will of "Seven Pounds". Nice to see him taken down a peg. Anybody that casts their own child in a movie deserves a little bit of humble pie.

* "Benjamin Button" wins for visual effects here. Not a major surprise. No way are they going to allow all four of these guys to talk. I'd be shocked if they let three of them go.

* Hah, only one gets to for the other three.

* "Boom goes the dynamite" reference...nice Will Smith.

* Oscar for Sound Editing goes to "The Dark Knight"...I'll let this one go since its a pretty technical category. I will be on a rampage if this wins for Best Editing though.

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